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  • Editorial
    Joanna Świątkowska, CYBERSEC Programme Director and Senior Research Fellow of the Kosciuszko Institute
  • Interview
    Dr James Andrew Lewis, Director of the Strategic Technologies Program, CSIS
  • Interview
    Adam Palmer, Global Cybersecurity Policy & Strategy Leader at FireEye
  • “Cybersecurity Governance – The New Governance Paradigm”
    Helena Raud, Board Member at the European Cyber Security Initiative, Estonia
  • “Influence of Internet of Things Cybersecurity on Functioning of Critical Infrastructure”
    Andrzej Tymecki, Tomasz Łużak and Artur Świacki, Exatel
  • “Data And Cybersecurity”
    Dr Jozef Vyskoc, Owner of VaF, Slovakia
  • “The Reality of Cyberwar – Current Concepts And Future Trends”
    Prof. Jarno Limnéll, Professor of Cybersecurity in Finnish Aalto University
  • “Cyberwar and Cyberdefence in the framework of NATO and the EU”
    Bart Smedts, Research Fellow at the RHID-CSDS, Belgium
  • European Cyber Foreign and Security Policy through Digital Integration”
    Dr Annegret Bendiek, German Institute for International and Security Studies
  • “Cybersecurity Legislation In The Czech Republic”
    Tomáš Rezek, Association for International Affairs (AMO), Czech Republic
  • “Cybersecurity Is A Team Sport”
    Piotr Puczynski, Vice-Chairman of the Board, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego
  • “Cyber Innovation Centers – Accelerating the Growth of Cyber Capability”
    Jim Jaeger, Chief Cyber Services Strategist at Fidelis
  • “European Cybersecurity: Today’s Decisions are Tomorrow’s Terrain
    Paul Nicholas, Senior Director, Global Cybersecurity Strategy and Diplomacy, Microsoft