Facilitating strategic cross-stakeholder co-operation, the development and implementation of the most important public policies for digitisation and cybersecurity.


Addressing the evolving dimensions of cyberconflicts in Europe, the role of NATO and the need for comprehensive military co-operation.


Providing structured support in the process of identifying challenges and opportunities for both the ICT sector and the global information society and contributing to cybersecurity innovations.


Exploring the various roles of the private sector in crafting regulatory frameworks and developing mature cybersecurity markets.


Cyberspace has revolutionised the way modern nations function these days. Public policies should, therefore, be adapted to the new digital reality. The aim of the State Stream is to build multi-stakeholder cooperation on cybersecurity. Delegates will examine the latest legislative actions and the most important challenges in this area. Invited experts will discuss the issues relating to the creation of effective public strategies.

Selected topics to be discussed at CYBERSEC 2017 include:

  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • National cybersecurity strategies
  • Implementation of key regulations, including the NIS Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Cybercrime prevention
  • International cooperation for cybersecurity
  • Fight against terrorists exploiting cyberspace


Effective defence requires modern states to create efficient cybersecurity systems. Digital threats entail the need for radical changes at various levels: planning, organisational and technological. They also call for the strengthening of international cooperation in this area. The discussion will aim to develop recommendations for building a cyber defence system at the level of individual states and international organisations.

Selected topics to be discussed at CYBERSEC 2017 include:

  • Preparing armed forces for cyber defence
  • NATO’s activities in cyberspace
  • Confidence-building measures in the cyber domain
  • Cutting-edge technologies supporting modern-day armies
  • Collaboration on cybersecurity between NATO and the EU
  • Cyberattacks as an element of hybrid war
  • Information warfare in cyberspace


Cyberspace is a constantly evolving environment and the changes in it affect all the facets of the socio-economic life. In order to respond to cyberthreats effectively, it is crucial to observe current trends and provide continual forecasts for the directions of development of the cyber sector in the future. The aim of the expert debate is to draft recommendations for innovative and safe solutions that will serve the best interests of information societies. The Future Stream is dedicated to promote innovation and encourage world’s leading VC funds to invest in most promising European startups.

Selected topics to be discussed at CYBERSEC 2017 include:

  • New trends in the use of the Web
  • Technologies and cyber threats of tomorrow (e.g. artificial intelligence)
  • Innovative cyber solutions
  • Shifts in the needs and behaviours of Internet users
  • Digital human resources


The private sector is a key element in the digital ecosystem. On the one hand, commercial entities are exposed to increasingly intense and sophisticated cyber attacks; on the other hand, they provide advanced products and services for cyber threat protection. In the face of new cyber challenges, cybersecurity becomes an inherent component of a comprehensive business strategy. The aim of the Business Stream is to develop recommendations for engaging business in the process of strengthening security in cyberspace.

Selected topics to be discussed at CYBERSEC 2017 include:

  • safe Internet of Things
  • future demands in the cybersecurity product and service market
  • legal environment of business
  • building EU digital single market
  • business involvement in countering cyberthreats